• ROMOSS Magnetic USB Type-C Power Cable

    Innovative Magnetic Connector
    The magnetic connector makes it easy and effortless to connect and disconnect the cable to your mobile phone. It’s highly compatible with most USB-C laptops on the market.

    Magsafe Function
    The unique magnetic design guarantees a handy function similar as Apple Magsafe. When the cable is jerked, the connector will be disconnected automatically to protect your laptops from dragging off the table.

    60W Super Charge
    With up to 210 pieces of 0.1mm high-quality copper wire, the cable supports fast charging(20V / 3A) for your device.

    180 cm Long Cable
    Long length of 180cm to meet your charging needs wherever it is at home, on a business trip, or during travelling. The cable uses high-quality TPE environmental material.

    Trusted Quality
    Crafted with high-end aluminum material, the connector goes through 20 fabrication procedures. With integral stretched USB-C connectors on both sides, the stability of connecting to the devices is ensured.

  • ROMOSS USB Type-C to Type-C Cable

    30W fast charging
    Conformed with strict USB-C standards, CB32 supports 3A large electric current charge and 30W quick charge, not only compatible with New MacBook, but also most USB-C laptops such as Google Chromebook Pixel, and Huawei Matebook.

    Durable and Stable
    Stable in connection, and durable in use. The Type-C connector is USB.org certificated, and has three times longer lifetime than the common punch riveting one.

    Rigorous Tests
    It passes rigorous tests to ensure the high product quality, such as
    more than 3000 times Flexing test, 24 hours salt spray test, and
    48 hours High-low temperature test.

    High Compatibility
    Highly compatible with quick charge protocols, and support laptops, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices with USB-C port.

  • ROMOSS USB-C to USB-A Cable

    Reversible USB-C Connector is the Future
    Many brands went with USB-C for their latest flagship phones, including the HTC 10, the Galaxy Note 7, and the Google Pixel. No more flipping around your USB plug trying to get it to fit properly. Whichever way you plug it in, it will work.

    Fast Charging & Data Sync
    CB30 supports fast power charging and high-speed data transfer.

    USB-IF Certificated
    Integral forming connector lasts 3 times longer lifetime than common punch riveting connector.

    Premium & Durable
    Thanks to the compact structure and premium materials, CB30 is safer and more durable than ordinary cable.

  • ROMOSS USB-C to USB-A Fast Transfer Cable

    USB 3.1 High-speed Data Transfer
    Transfer data to all your USB-C devices at speeds of up to 331MB/s. That’s a 4G HD movie in 12 seconds.

    Unbeatable Charging Speed
    Thanks to its low cord resistance, ROMOSS USB 3.1 Type-C cable supports 3A rapid charging, and you don’t need to wait long for your phone to be fully charged.

    Reliable & Durable Design
    The USB IF certificated connector lasts 3X longer than conventional ones. Metal braided and double aluminum foil shield ensure your device is safely and steadily connected.

    High Compatibility
    Compatible with a vast majority of USB-C digital devices like smartphones and tablets.